Re: Named Mistakes and Questionable Practices

From: Kenneth Downs <knode.wants.this_at_see.sigblock>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 22:32:16 -0400
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David Cressey wrote:

> Also, OTLT has been discussed, in and of itself, several times. What
> usually happens is that someone relatively innocent shows up asking why
> this
> isn't the best general solution to the problem of lookup data. A few
> people usually explain how to solve the problem with a new lookup table
> for each type of data.


> From there, it becomes another debate between the OO camp and the RM camp.
> I believe this horse is dead as well. But if you want to dig it up an
> beat
> it some more, there's always Google groups.

How depressingly accurate.

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