Re: Microsoft's bridge between OO and relational

From: Marshall <>
Date: 3 Jun 2006 09:45:52 -0700
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JXStern wrote:
> What do y'all think of this stuff?
> J.
> Test Drive VB9 and DLinq
> The January 2006 Language Integrated Query (LINQ) preview for the next
> ("Orcas") version of Visual Basic enables automating SQL Server
> object-relational mapping for DLinq and enhances XLinq syntax for
> literal XML and late binding.
> Roger Jennings
> March 27, 2006
> Technology Toolbox: VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, XML, Visual Studio 2005,
> or Visual Basic or Visual Web Developer Express editions, Visual Basic
> 9.0 LINQ Technology Preview (January 2006), SQL Server 2005 Express
> Edition or higher, Northwind sample database
> The forthcoming Visual Studio "Orcas" release promises major upgrades
> to data-management programming with Visual Basic 9.0 and C# 3.0.
> Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and its data (DLinq) and XML (XLinq)
> libraries transform relational data and XML documents into
> first-class, interoperable CLR objects
> ...

Fascinating, but ultimately not compelling. They get all the right functionality, but they don't manage the complexity at all. It's not elegant; it's backwards-compatible. Still, one of the few real attempts to do something ambitious. A noble failure.

It is worth reading some of the papers that started out their whole effort.

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