Re: The wisdom of the object mentors (Was: Searching OO Associations with RDBMS Persistence Models)

From: Marshall <>
Date: 2 Jun 2006 00:10:50 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Robert Martin wrote:
> On 2006-05-31 11:34:36 -0500, Bob Badour <> said:
> > With all due respect, what on earth makes you think anything you write
> > is the least bit interesting?
> My royalty checks aren't bad.

> For my
> part I find the level of ad-hominem (i.e. substanceless) arguments to
> be fascinating. The raw angst without true argument must be a symptom
> of something, but what?

"Ad-hominem" doesn't mean "substanceless." You might want to review the technical definition.

You keep saying there are no arguments, but there have been plenty of substantial points made by the c.d.t. voices. It is easy to be distracted by insults when they start flying, and focus on them exclusively, but the presence of insults doesn't mean the absence of valid argument.

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