Re: Operationalize orthogonality

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 13:02:15 GMT
Message-ID: <rzBfg.15961$>

Tony D wrote:

> You're missing the type generator out, which is crucial. Please reread
> my post from 12:24 am on 31st May, which hopefully makes the
> progression clear. If not, post a reply there and I'll try explaining
> anything that isn't clear.
> Pickie wrote:

>>OK.  Start again.
>>Given a tabular database which only supports the boolean type (a value
>>can only be TRUE or FALSE).  How, using rows and that boolean type, can
>>I define another type?

Tony, you are wasting your time with that one. Prolonged pick use has damaged his brain.

If he cannot figure out how to construct other types out of bits, he has no business in computing. Received on Thu Jun 01 2006 - 15:02:15 CEST

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