Re: Storing data and code in a Db with LISP-like interface

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 21:03:30 GMT
Message-ID: <CMb2g.63849$>

Sasa wrote:

> take a look at
> "During the years we worked on Viaweb I read a lot of job descriptions.
> A new competitor seemed to emerge out of the woodwork every month or so.
> The first thing I would do, after checking to see if they had a live
> online demo, was look at their job listings. After a couple years of
> this I could tell which companies to worry about and which not to. The
> more of an IT flavor the job descriptions had, the less dangerous the
> company was. The safest kind were the ones that wanted Oracle
> experience. You never had to worry about those. You were also safe if
> they said they wanted C++ or Java developers. If they wanted Perl or
> Python programmers, that would be a bit frightening-- that's starting to
> sound like a company where the technical side, at least, is run by real
> hackers. If I had ever seen a job posting looking for Lisp hackers, I
> would have been really worried."

How disappointing! Someone posted an anecdote about the superiority of lisp in a cross-posted thread I was in several years ago, and it was the same anecdote!

Has nobody taken the advice? Or have they simply failed to reproduce the results? Received on Fri Apr 21 2006 - 23:03:30 CEST

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