Re: Storing data and code in a Db with LISP-like interface

From: Dmitry A. Kazakov <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 22:27:47 +0200
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On 21 Apr 2006 08:58:26 -0700, Mikito Harakiri wrote:

> Alvin Ryder wrote:

>> In addition to RM like representations they [prolog and lisp] can also represent
>> knowledge for rule based expert systems, frame based reasoning, case
>> based reasoning, various abstract data types, graphs, natural language
>> grammers, machine learning ...

> Wow, a tool that excels at so many things! There must be something
> wrong with the industry that have seen puny adoption of both.

No need to be sarcastic. It shares its "wrong something" with RM - there is no universal search strategy. Though you might be able to represent knowledge, that alone does not imply that you will be able to use it.

Or, to put it otherwise, it is the old dilemma imperative vs. declarative, non-constructive vs. constructive.

Dmitry A. Kazakov
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