Re: Multiplicity, Change and MV

From: Frank <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:38:15 +0200
Message-ID: <4448c429$0$31652$>

Bob Badour wrote:
> Marshall Spight wrote:
> Even in the rare case where a single application uses an embedded
> database, it makes sense to separate data management from application
> development to leverage the power of the dbms.

Most databases I know are used by a single (enteprise) application. But I agree, the dbms is handy for fixing problems.
>> The tools we have today don't lend themselves to this style of
>> thinking;
>> however better integration between our application languages and
>> our data management languages and libraries would make this
>> sort of approach more feasible.
> I would like better integration between application languages and data
> management languages as a means of improving our application languages.
> Let's empower application programmers to operate closer to the level of
> intent.

I agree, my wishlist:
- Garbage collecting in the database (removal of functional outdated data, not only by constraints)
- Compile-time constraint checks
- Transactions in the programming language.


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