Re: Storing data and code in a Db with LISP-like interface

From: JOG <>
Date: 16 Apr 2006 19:19:01 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Neo wrote:
> > One way this manifests in Neo's design is the kind of code he has to write to do
> > retrieval; it's quite complicated, resembling more a turing-complete procedural language
> > than a query language.
> Ah yes, the "sledgehammer" analogy that no one has been able to verify
> by posting an RM solution that models the equivalent data and queries.
> If somebody ever does, it will be obvious that the "sledgehammer"
> actually applies to RM! Or will you be the first to prove your
> assertion? Is it my imagination that no one has post any solution using
> another methodology in nearly 100 posts! Marshall, are you willing to
> post SQL script for some of my examples and proceed to verify things?

I find it very strange that you don't do this yourself in order to convince everyone. You are of course under no obligation to do so, but given that it would immediately dispel these 'misconceptions' that your query syntax is horrifically verbose, I see no reason why you would not take the bull by the horns as it were. Received on Mon Apr 17 2006 - 04:19:01 CEST

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