Re: Storing data and code in a Db with LISP-like interface

From: Neo <>
Date: 16 Apr 2006 16:56:07 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> missing information is rather anathema to science ... Date and Darwen and others have demonstrated serious problems with NULL, 3-VL, 4-VL and "n-VL as n approaches infinity" even when applied consistently.

They are correct.

> ... missing information is a difficult problem no matter what data model one uses. We currently have no theory regarding missing information which means we have no theory to overcome the practical problem in any data model.

In the experimental data model (which I haven't described in any detail and not inclined to do so currently), a NULL can not occur for missing information. This can be verified with the actual experimental db executable. If someone would like to verify this, please post the situation under which you think it would and we can test it. (And if one thinks this is because the data is stored willy-nilly, we can verify it isn't by performing some queries). Received on Mon Apr 17 2006 - 01:56:07 CEST

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