Re: abnormal forms

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 20:38:52 GMT
Message-ID: <wFy%f.59459$>

paul c wrote:

> JOG wrote:

>> Change bothers me. Especially in database schema, and specifically when
>> we want to accomodate change in the cardinalities of the relationships
>> we are modelling. ...

> (I made a new subject because I didn't have anything particular to say
> about the original multiplicity question except that it refreshed
> questions about rva's that have been troubling me for a couple of months.)
> My questions are equally fuzzy, but I'll post them in case somebody can
> make a comment that gives me a better angle than the ones I've thought
> of so far.
> First, I have a presumption that two relations can express the same
> value in different ways, ie., via different descriptions or expressions.
> For example, most people are familiar with the axiomatic attitude
> that different writings of attribute/column order don't change anything
> material.
> The first question is, is there anything axiomatic about an sva
> (single-valued attributes) relation when compared to an rva relation
> that has the same attributes?
> For example, (using ttm-style braces and for convenience omitting type
> names), is a SUPP{S#} relation logically the same value as a SUPP{{S#}}
> relation that is (somehow) constrained to have only one tuple? (not to
> be confused with one that somehow allows multiple tuples).
> pc

They are not logically the same value; however, each is easily derived from the other. Received on Thu Apr 13 2006 - 22:38:52 CEST

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