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Beautiful Note girl team brief introduction

From: <>
Date: 5 Mar 2006 19:28:01 -0800
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In the years of music altar ,hundreds of flowers come into bloom at the same time ,tradition and modern music 's combine is more and more be loved by more people.
Beautiful Note girl team in the world music altar different army suddenly rise in the year of 2005.If not seeing their performance by yourself .Maybe you can hardly fancy their insane and fervor on the stage .A new sense and power are changing more and more person. Beautiful Note girl team are concerned by international media from the beginning construct .After china new folk song classics music meeting success performanced on the WeYeNa palace golden hall in the year 2006.In succession accept Singapore Indonesia HongKong and other places's ardent invite and successfully hold tour special performance music meeting.Gain the locality and overseas' high appraise. Beautiful Note girl team has been accepted by sea inside and outside. Many media has call Beautiful Note girl team as china instrumented music history "the most cool actual strength group girl team" . Beautiful Note girl team is made up of all super star that rare seeing in the nowadays .most of them come from the most high music school-center music college. Violoncello instrumentalists GuShaohua is the first female lead in the twenty collect TV play <<on the G chord' chant sigh mediate >>.WangXi has gained the "the earth young lady" BeiJing match area ten fine beautiful girl .JianNing is the second female lead in the TV play <<with you together >>.ChenXi is the violin teaching videotape lecture demonstrate ;LiaoYuanyuan is the famous super star SunNan and YuQuan 's whole country go on tour specially invite honored. These beautiful girls is all accept specialized subject train from children,which make Beautiful Note girl team performance the different explain and comprehend. They creativity dissolve popular element into the classical .Add bright fashion color into china tradition folk music farthest performance self-confident graceful bearing. They love music make them more influence .Their enthusiastic with music ,beginning with their clever move's posture. With note combine as one's touch. this is Beautiful Note girl team. They take enthusiastic for music and exquisite deduction perfect musical movement.Will take new music style for the world music altar. Beautiful Note girl team is the classical music and modern music's focus. Is after female twelve music lane's another qlittering group .Is also china music dissolve world music.and with the west musical instrument move emotionally the west audience .with the all new style, introduce the china culture's vanguard power for the world. Received on Sun Mar 05 2006 - 21:28:01 CST

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