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Re: OT: writing style

From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 01:01:22 +0100
Message-ID: <4400ef8d$0$11070$>

Mark Johnson wrote:

>>>That's what he called me.

>>Only much later.

> And so know your defending his behavior, is that right?

No. Do you want me to?

>>>But you *are* being unresponsive. You ask the same question
>>>over and over

> Etc. That's exactly my complaint with those abusing this ng. That's
> exactly how I explained it, if you had bothered to read my replies to
> all these, rather than selectively quote only those messages which
> preceded them.

Which were the ones I wanted you to read again, to re-evaluate your over-reaction to them. Why would I quote your own replies to you at a moment I don't want to say anything about them?

>>Yet another quote:

> No, you're not quoting anything that I said in reply.

Indeed not. You are suggesting I should have. Why do you want that?

>>I am not concerned over his behaviour.

> I'm concerned with yours, then. Fair enough?
> You selectively quoted only those baseless complaints, and carefully
> omitted each and every reply where in some cases I went into detail
> explaining why they were so vapid.

I simply quoted the IMO relevant messages as they were. I reject the accusation of carefully leaving out anything.

> You can talk with yourself about this, from now on. If you're going to
> keep pursuing this personal attack, and defending the behavior of
> those hurling baseless accusations - just count me out. I've said what
> I've wanted to say.
> You're on your own.

No need to get nasty. You are under some attack at the moment, and it is clear that you feel strongly about that. Take a bath (or whatever makes you feel easy), and when you are done: reread it with a lock on the send button.

You will see that there were just very few people who really engaged in name-calling, others were trying to explain to you why the name-callers were annoyed. Now ask yourself: why would somebody do that?

When you see that there are also messages from people who are really trying to help you getting along here you can unlock that button. Received on Sat Feb 25 2006 - 18:01:22 CST

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