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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:12:23 +0200
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> Taking the question seriously...they are not the same. For people who
> wish to remove all mushrooms, they are easier to remove if the
> mushrooms are placed on last.

The same about order. If you place it last is easier to remove :-)

> On the other hand, if someone requests
> the two toppings, the order they list them has no bearing on the order
> they are added. The pizza chef almost always determines the ordering.

Yes. He/she ;-) add order after taking the order :-)

> So, in the "real word" they are not the same, but if designing a pizza
> shop application I would not add any requirement to capture the
> ordering as indicated by a customer except potentially as a special
> order comment attribute of freeform text. I would have it display for
> output, and also likely for input forms, the standard ordering used by
> the pizza place. So, if you order a pizza with onions and mushrooms,
> you get the exact same pizza as if you order with mushrooms and onions.
> A view of that order will always have the order used by the chef.

Yes. You place the order and take the pizza. :-)

> > What I really meant by that somewhat whimsical question is whether lists
> > sets have to be implemented and described separately, or not. I'm glad
> > see the discussion coming around.

> Given that there are already implementations operational, we don't have
> to guess at this. Implementing nested sets, bags, and lists all as
> nested lists is very usable and that is what I would recommend as a
> good starting point. Cheers! --dawn

I wonder what happened to Codd's Rendezvous . Received on Mon Feb 20 2006 - 14:12:23 CET

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