Re: XQuery (and XML) vs LISP

From: Marshall Spight <>
Date: 7 Feb 2006 22:10:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Jan Hidders wrote:
> Marshall Spight wrote:
> >
> > I vaguely wonder whether it would be possible to use, or adapt,
> > relational techniques for querying nested relations as an alternative
> > to either XQuery or pattern matching.
> I think the answer is, vaguely, yes. :-) You can think of the tree is a
> binary relation, and if you want access to all descendants the system
> could provide conceptually the transitive closure to you (so for the
> binary table R you could for example use R* as the notation for its
> transitive closure) and from there you could specify your queries as
> usual. Most XPath queries would then translatie to simple


I note your use of the word "most"....

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