Re: Definitions of Software and Database

From: dawn <>
Date: 6 Feb 2006 10:38:29 -0800
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Marshall Spight wrote:
> dawn wrote:
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> > Marshall, David, x, JOG, Frank, mAsterdam, other fine folks... Could
> > anyone let Bob know I'm not a troll.
> Mr. Bennet saw that her whole heart was in the subject; and
> affectionately taking her hand, said in reply,
> ``Do not make yourself uneasy, my love. Wherever you and Jane are
> known, you must be respected and valued; and you will not appear to
> less advantage for having a couple of -- or I may say, three -- very
> silly sisters. We shall have no peace at Longbourn if Lydia does not go
> to Brighton. Let her go then. Colonel Forster is a sensible man, and
> will keep her out of any real mischief; and she is luckily too poor to
> be an object of prey to any body. At Brighton she will be of less
> importance, even as a common flirt, than she has been here. The
> officers will find women better worth their notice. Let us hope,
> therefore, that her being there may teach her her own insignificance.
> At any rate, she cannot grow many degrees worse without authorizing us
> to lock her up for the rest of her life.''

Laughing. It is good to see that the liberal arts are alive and well. smiles. --dawn Received on Mon Feb 06 2006 - 19:38:29 CET

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