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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 10:55:01 +0200
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> x wrote:

> > No because entry is not developing :-)
> > The one that do software entry are called software developers ?
> >
> > To distinguish data from software you can say that the software provide
> > function and data does not. The data is processed.

> The software might just be sitting there, processing nothing at any
> given point. Is it then data and NOT software?

It is both software and data.

> Derived data would
> certainly then be software. What data is not derived from bytes? There
> is nothing without functions except an unaccessed disk.

What kind of function ?
The point is that software is the part that is usually replaced/altered for changing the function of the whole system.

Think about those old computers programable by changing the wiring. The wires are hardware, but the wiring scheme is software. When you store this wiring scheme in the computer, it is data.

Do you consider the UML diagram is software ? Received on Thu Feb 02 2006 - 09:55:01 CET

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