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> > >Hugo Kornelis wrote:
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> > >> All natural numbers are order number too.
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> > >What's an 'order number' ?
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> > Hi vc,
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> > The number that is assigned to an order. You'll see it on the order
> > confirmation, on the invoice, and probably on the packing list as well.
> >
> I would have called this an "ordinal number". Are we talking about the
> thing?

Funny thing this human language :-)

or-der (ôr'duhr) n., v. <-dered, -der-ing>

                  1.  an authoritative direction or
                       instruction; command.
                  2.  the disposition of things following one
                       after another; succession or sequence:
                       alphabetical order.
                  3.  a condition in which each thing is
                       properly disposed with reference to
                       other things and to its purpose;
                       methodical or harmonious arrangement.
                  4.  formal disposition or array.
                  5.  proper, satisfactory, or working condition.
                  6.  state or condition generally: in good
                       working order.
                  7.  conformity or obedience to law or
                       established authority: to maintain law
                       and order.
                  8.  customary mode of procedure; established
                       practice or usage.
                  9.  the customary or prescribed mode of
                       proceeding in debates, legislative
                       bodies, meetings, etc.: parliamentary
                       rules of order.
                10.  prevailing course or arrangement of
                       things; established system or regime:
                       The old order is changing.
                11.  a direction or commission to make,
                       provide, or furnish something.
                12.  a quantity of goods or items purchased or
                13.  a portion of food requested or served in a
                14.  Math.
                       a.  degree, as in algebra.
                       b.  the number of rows or columns of a
                            square matrix or determinant.
                       c.  the number of times a function has
                            been differentiated to produce a
                            given derivative: a second-order
                       d.  the highest derivative appearing in
                            a given differential equation.
                       e.  the number of elements of a given
                15.  a class, kind, or sort distinguished from
                       others by character or rank: talents of
                       a high order.
                16.  Biol. the usual major subdivision of a
                       class or subclass in the classification
                       of organisms, consisting of one or more
                17.  a rank or class of persons in a community.
                18.  a group or body of persons of the same
                       profession, occupation, or pursuits.
                19.  a body or society of persons living by
                       common consent under the same religious,
                       moral, or social regulations.
                20.  any of the degrees or grades of clerical
                       office. Compare MAJOR ORDER, MINOR ORDER.
                21.  a monastic society or fraternity: the
                       Franciscan order.
                22.  any of the nine grades of angels in
                       medieval angelology. Compare ANGEL (DEF.
                23.  a written direction to pay money or
                       deliver goods, given by a person legally
                       entitled to dispose of it.
                24.  Archit.
                       a.  an arrangement of columns with an
                       b.  any of five styles of column and
                            entablature typical of classical
                            architecture, including the Doric,
                            Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and
                            Composite styles.
                25.  <orders> the rank or status of an ordained
                       Christian minister.
                26.  Usu., <orders.> the rite or sacrament of
                27.  a prescribed form of religious service or
                       of administration of a rite.
                28.  a society or fraternity of knights, of
                       combined military and monastic
                       character, as the medieval Knights
                29.  an organization or fraternal society in
                       some way resembling the knightly orders.
                30.  (cap.).
                       a.  a special honor or rank conferred by
                            a sovereign upon a person for
                            distinguished achievement.
                       b.  the insignia worn by such persons.
                31.  to give an order or command to.
                32.  to direct or command to go or come as
                       specified: She ordered them out of her
                33.  to direct to be made or supplied: to order
                       a copy of a book.
                34.  to prescribe.
                35.  to regulate, conduct, or manage.
                36.  to arrange methodically or suitably.
                37.  Math. to arrange (the elements of a set)
                       so that if one element precedes another,
                       it cannot be preceded by the other or by
                       elements that the other precedes.
                38.  to ordain.
                39.  to give an order or issue orders.
                40.  <a tall> or <large order> a difficult or
                       formidable task.
                41.  <call to order> to begin (a meeting).
                42.  <in order>.
                       a.  rightful and proper; appropriate: An
                            apology is certainly in order.
                       b.  properly arranged or prepared; ready.
                       c.  correct according to the rules of
                            parliamentary procedure.
                43.  <in order that> so that; to the end that.
                44.  <in order to> as a means to; with the
                       purpose of.
                45.  <in short order> with promptness or speed;
                46.  <on order> ordered but not yet received.
                47.  <on the order of>.
                       a.  resembling to some extent; like.
                       b.  approximately; about.
                48.  <out of order>.
                       a.  not in correct sequence or
                       b.  inappropriate; unsuitable.
                       c.  not operating properly; in disrepair.
                       d.  incorrect according to the rules of
                            parliamentary procedure.
                49.  <to order> according to the purchaser's
                       requirements or stipulations.
             [1175-1225; ME ordre < OF < L ordinem, acc. of
             ordo row, rank, regular arrangement]
   Derived words
             --or'der-a-ble, adj.
             --or'der-er, n.
             --or'der-less, adj.

It is all crystal clear now, isn't it ? :-) Received on Wed Jan 18 2006 - 10:43:42 CET

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