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mountain man wrote:
> "Christopher Browne" <> wrote in message
> Database systems since the late 90's have acquired a class
> of objects termed stored procedures. Essentially these are
> program objects written in the SQL of the RDBMS and
> are stored within the database.
> There is in progress a migration of lines of code from the
> application software environment (external to the database)
> to the stored procedure environment (internal to the database)
> and this needs to be recognised.

That isn't my favorite trend in databases, but perhaps just because I'm not working a lot with SQL-DBMS tools lately. But I do agree that stored procedures, user-defined functions, and business rules used by the DB and UI alike are all topics of interest. You gotta know what the RM folks would say, right? Those topics are orthogonal to the RM.

> We need a theory not just of the data, but of the data
> and its processing,


> which will address stored procedure
> objects (ie: processes) which are today, and not 30 years
> ago, capable of being stored and managed within the
> database systems environment.
> Here are some relevant articles with further info:

A worthwhile read. I'm not sure whether "incomplete" is the right word for it, but I understand the point. I just posted my second blog entry at and am about to hit the sack, so I'll check your other link below later. Cheers! --dawn

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