Re: Nested Sets vs. Nested Intervals

From: asdf <>
Date: 18 Nov 2005 16:08:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> > Because when every
> > time I insert a new listing (web page listing, not a node in a tree) in
> > a category, all of the ancestors listings_count row have to be updated.
> > That would be inefficient because the higher the category, the more
> > often listings_count row have to be updated, and it would slow down the
> > directory sufficiently because the hard disk have to rotate to the
> > category_count row frequently so it would slow down other stuff (like
> > selecting categories) considerably. How does do it?
> If you ever find out, please post it here:-)

I found out at that dmoz actually uses a flat-file VXFS filesystem Received on Sat Nov 19 2005 - 01:08:33 CET

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