Re: Nested Sets vs. Nested Intervals

From: vc <>
Date: 10 Nov 2005 05:56:38 -0800
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> <<In order to be more specific, would you please elaborate on the RDF
> algebra.
> like, give a definition of the algebra ?>>
> An RDF algebra is given in "RAL: an Algebra for Querying RDF" by
> Fransicar et al. There are others. I remember seing very nice
> discussions in the proceedings of the WWW conference some years ago.

No, that won't do. Please give your own RDF algebra definition, not necessarily formal. Surely it cannot be that complicated.

> For XML see: "TAX: A Tree Algebra for XML" by Jagadish et al. and
> "XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics" by the W3C, which
> supersedes "The XML Query Algebra."
> For my own efforts see thread "Implementing a graph algebra."

You did not provide any definition of the algebra. Could you please do it now ?

> Please note that I do not particulary favour RDF. I am interested in
> more general languages, ideally one capable of solving the wild
> disparity of Semantic Web languages found today.

I do not understand what you mean.

> Maybe a bit like what
> Codd did in the 1970's w.r.t. the disparity of database models.

Also, you did not clarify what you've meant by a "semantic domain" as opposed to just a "domain". Could you offer a clarification ? Received on Thu Nov 10 2005 - 14:56:38 CET

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