Re: Is there any way I can make garbage collection aggressive in SQL 2000 or 2005?

From: mountain man <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:29:52 GMT
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"Nimesh" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for your reply. I know it is behavior of SQL 2000, and it is
> supposed to release the memory when not required. That is why I want to
> make garbagge collection aggressive. Other than this we are also facing
> this problem in Analysis server, this service is consuming more than
> 1.5 GB of memory. And while the cube in the process mode, it becomes
> very very slow to get the data. We are also trying to optimize the
> cube. How to Optimize the cube in SQL 2005?
> But my primary query is, is there any way by which we can make garbage
> collection aggressive in SQL 2000. Please let me know if any one knowa
> how to do it?

If it is a matter of survival I'd be asking the following questions.

  1. Is your machine operational 24x7x365, and if it is not
  2. Have you examined the memory released at re-boot?
  3. Have you assessed the rate of its accumulation after reboot?
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