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From: Hugo Kornelis <hugo_at_pe_NO_rFact.in_SPAM_fo>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 00:49:14 +0200
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On Fri, 19 Aug 2005 12:00:15 -0700, Gene Wirchenko wrote:

>On 19 Aug 2005 10:22:41 -0700, "AK" <AK_TIREDOFSPAM_at_hotmail.COM>
>>>> You have varchar2 limited to 4000 bytes.
>>Then you have text to cover 4K to 2G range. Then you have to rely on
>>some other option to be able store data bigger than 2G (split it into
>>chunks in your application????).
>>If you suggested such a design to programmic language community, you
>>would be laughed at.
>>oh really? then how comes C# has 8 types to store integers only, not
>>counting decimal type? Is it funny too?
> Is there anything different between a string 4096 long and a
>string 4097 long? Are there any different machine instructions that
>are required to handle them? No?
> What about with integers? Yes?
> There is your difference.

Hi Gene,

So what exactly is the difference between a number that might reach 30,000 or a number that might reach 40,000? And how exactly is that difference different from the difference between a 4096 character string and 4097 character string?

Best, Hugo


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