Re: dbdebunk 'Quote of Week' comment

From: Tony Andrews <>
Date: 19 Aug 2005 04:12:12 -0700
Message-ID: <>

David Cressey wrote:
> And that's what I don't like about dogmatic responses. They tend to assume
> that design judgements fall on a simple linear scale from badness to
> goodness. Goodness is not a one dimensional measure. And that's why I stay
> way from dbdebunk.
> At a deeper level, they don't get it.

But at dbdebunk they DO NOT dogmatically say avoid surrogates - e.g. here:

"We do not recommend the use of surrogate keys as a rule, but only in some rare circumstances and for very specific reasons. Chapter 3 in my book gives ah explanation of the criteria for choosing keys, which also help determining when those special circumstances apply."

It is the "quote of the week" that is dogmatic: "Don't use primary keys that have meaning for the end user..." Received on Fri Aug 19 2005 - 13:12:12 CEST

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