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From: Kenneth Downs <knode.wants.this_at_see.sigblock>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:00:37 -0400
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David Cressey wrote:

> Kenneth Downs,
> I've taken the liberty of mentioning your name in the "Computer
> professionals and Freelancers" forum hosted by EZboard.


> I've been following your ideas in here for some time. You and I tend to
> think alike on several of the fundamental questions. Unlike me, you have
> been testing your ideas in the implementation of a product. I'm guessing
> that Andromeda is that product.

Yes. It is a complete software development and maintenance strategy, but in this forum the discussion tends towards db and biz rules stuff.

> Anyway, I've been talking about database modeling and design over there.
> And I'm interested in the idea that the various layers of implementation
> of
> a system (DBMS data defs, app source code, etc.) should all get their
> business rules from a common source, what you have been calling the
> dictionary.
> So I'm interested in seeing how it works out.

Well I've got enough people saying this that I will probably start a newsletter soon. May I add you to the list?

> Hope you don't mind my reference to your name. I figure that, if you put
> it in a newsgroup, privacy isn't an issue.

By all means, please do. In fact, don't be shy about putting the web address in,, it really helps that google ranking :)

And by the way, thanks for letting me know, it is very encouraging to know that the ideas are being followed.

Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.
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