Re: the distinction between data and intelligence

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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 05:31:22 GMT
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> mountain man wrote:
>> Otherwise, how would you define the distinction
>> between data and intelligence (for the purposes
>> of database theory only budding philosophers!)?
> How about calling code stored as data in the database simply "code stored
> as data in the database"? :-)

In the light of things, probably not a bad idea after all! Many thanks!

>> Or, is such a distinction of little consequence?
> Distinguishing normal data from code that is stored in the DBMS is
> certainly important. In fact, there has already been some theoretical
> resarch on what consequences this might have. There was already in 1984 an
> article by Stonebraker et al. on "QUEL as a data type": (QUEL being a
> query language.)
> More recently there has been research on issues related to storing code as
> if it were data and which consequences that might have for the query
> language. (There's no point in storing something if you cannot query it.)
> To name a few:
> J. Van den Bussche, D. Van Gucht, and G. Vossen. Reflective programming in
> the relational algebra. Journal of Computer and System Sciences,
> 52(3):537--549, June 1996.
> S. Abiteboul, C.H. Papadimitriou, and V.Vianu. The power of the reflective
> relational machine. In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer
> Science, pp. 230--240, Paris, France (1994).
> Towards practical meta-querying
> Authors: Bussche, Jan Van den; Vansummeren, Stijn; Vossen, Gottfried
> Not that this directly connects to what you are talking about, but it
> shows that the idea has already popped up before and is recognized as
> relevant and interesting.

Many thanks for the references which I shall find my way through over the next duration.

Pete Brown
Falls Creek
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