Re: the distinction between data and intelligence

From: DM Unseen <>
Date: 13 Jun 2005 01:11:52 -0700
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Not only interesting, but already in use as well.

I'm supporting an application that actually stores it's conceptual level views in the actual application database (it has a simple logical/conceptual data dictionary). It does this since 1992! the only drawback is that the views are created in a conceptual language that supports just a small subset of current SQL, and the supporting data dictionary is somewhat primitive. Is this practical ? You bet, i've never bothered with documenting the data dictionary/conceptual datamodel, just writing reports against the data dictionary suffices.
BTW the application also stores (almost) everything else in the database as well: Userforms, code, configuration items etc. Except for the application code, that is stored as BLOBs, everything has a simple data model that you can query.
I tried to fix up the code BLOBs and reload it into our datawarehouse with a simple data model instead. But this was too difficult to do efficiently with SQL so I dropped that. Still, a queryable code model would work very well, and would make code maintence a LOT easier, given you've created some good reports on top of that.

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