Re: Poll: What percentage advantage are RDBMS vendors taking of the RM?

From: Kenneth Downs <knode.wants.this_at_see.sigblock>
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 07:09:18 -0400
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mountain man wrote:

>> Afredo elsewhere responded to:

>>> My point, which you appear to agree with, is that the vendors
>>> are indeed taking some advantage from the RM.  I am not at
>>> this point concerned with 'How Much', only that it is not null.

>> Of course it is not null, that is evident and nobody said the
>> contrary. You don't need to understand the Relational Model in order
>> to take some advantage on it.

> How much now, as a percentage out of 100, are contributors
> to this newsgroup prepared to estimate the "realisation" of the
> relational model of data within the SQL-DBMS vendors
> (ie: IBM - DB2, Oracle, MS - SQL Server)
> The rating of 100 equates to full realisation of the RM.
> The rating of 50 equates to half realisation of the RM.
> The rating of 10 equates to 10% realisation of the RM.
> The rating of 0 equates to zero realisation of the RM
> My estimate/opinion is around 80% give or take 10%.
> What is your estimate and/or opinion?

Search on Google Groups for a thread called "4 the FAQ: Are Commercial DBMS Truly Relational" Most of the issues were dealt with in that thread.

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