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From: paul c <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 22:12:42 GMT
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paul c wrote:
> erk wrote:

>> I'd recommend the following article, which is interesting and starts
>> with some discussion addressing some of this discussion:
>> While the domain is suggestive, at least some of the individual pages
>> are useful and noncontroversial (?).
>> - erk

> for those who think jail should be abolished, i could also suggest
> Russell's 'introduction to mathematical philosophy'. in that British
> invention (if i'm not mistaken) of free education for the masses, it is
> aimed at everyman and among other things aims to say just what is a
> number? on the way, it talks about relations. written by Russell when
> he was in jail for re-publishing a report from the US Senate during
> WWII. i read somewhere that he wrote it after sales of his and
> Whitehead's massive Principia Mathematica disappointed. even though it
> doesn't have exercise answers, i think it is a (slightly) better
> database book than Date's because Russell dropped the Latin. actually,
> i see that Date has stopped giving answers in his latest 'intro'. too
> bad, that Kate person on who was mentioned on the dbdebunk site
> seems to need the answers (apparently she thinks that indexes are a 'key
> feature' of the relational theory).
> i'll shut up now,
> p

sorry, i meant to say WWI, about halfway between Babbage's and Turing's eras and a few years before Dr. Codd was born.

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