Re: What kind of structure should i use to read a freedb txt file with pascal?

From: Gerry Quinn <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 11:52:46 -0000
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In article <>, says...
> Hello, here is the problem:
> I have to develop a DOS program in PASCAL with FREEPASCAL that reads a
> small txt freedb (musics data) database (47 MB) by loading it all to
> the memory. It is a final work of a course i am attending in college
> called "Data Structure and Algorithms" ("Estrutura de Dados e
> Algoritmos" in portuguese).
> We've learned some kinds of structure like: Lists,Trees and Graphs
> using variable pointers in PASCAL.
> So, i HAVE to load the entire txt file to the memory using some type of
> structure designed in pascal. What would be best to use? When
> searching, for each key pressed by the user, the program should show a
> list of 20 itens per page whith only music records starting with the
> typed characters. The user may search by title, album or singer.
> Could you tell me what would be the fastest structure and a quick pick
> on how to implement it?
> thank you all for the help.

I don't know why people are jumping down your throat so much, you are not requesting people to do it for you!

I would comment that the problem as described is rather poorly set, and does not give enough information as to what structure is ideal. Can the user add new entries to the database? How many searches will he carry out after loading it - just one, or hundreds?

Choose reasonable answers to the above questions (unless they are given and you just didn't post them). Then the ideal structure(s) are likely to suggest themselves, when you think about what is required to achieve good results.

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