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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 21:23:03 GMT
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> > Small to Medium businesses (SMBs) don't have this luxury, so the concept
> > altering their business practices to accomodate the rigidities of the
> > application design is not practical.
> having worked for a number of VARs (construction, manufacturing,
> quite the opposite is true. the small guys buy our software not for
> the code, but for the fact that Our Leader figured out a better way to
> run some business sector; we (the coders) made it manifest. the clients
> want the business model. if it were on 3x5 cards, that would suit them
> just fine. they're not buying software.

This is not an accurate analysis of the SMB market. Check with Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and others trying to break into this market. Check out numerous articles in the Wall Street Journal, and other business publicfations, to get a better feel for the dynamics in this market. Check out the management of these innumerable companies who are struggling mightly with IT costs. The IT people _do not_ drive better ways of doing business. They can, however, help; when they know what their designing.

There is such a large body of evidence that points out the need for specialized software for SMB operational requirements that enable low-cost modification and enhancement when market conditions change. This evidence doesn't suggest that IT Project managers routinely figure out "better ways to run business sectors". :-)

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