Re: By The Dawn's Normal Light

From: Marshall Spight <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 01:40:49 GMT
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"Dawn M. Wolthuis" <dwolt_at_tincat-group.comREMOVE> wrote in message news:clmdde$b60$


> I re-read Dates latest Intro... and it appears that the def of BCNF does not
> require 1NF. So, I think we could ditch 1, 2 and 3NF and just use BCNF as a
> starting point. I'm very excited to realize this since I had thought that
> all "higher normal forms"required 1NF as a starting point, but that appears
> not to be the case. Does this sound right to others? --dawn

I don't know about "right" but the idea is certainly attractive. Didn't someone say recently that BCNF and 4NF only differ vis a vis compound keys? (I'm not really up on 4NF, alas.)

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