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From: Bill H <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 21:39:43 GMT
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I think you're understanding of these descriptions is, as usual, accurate. As such, my analysis tends to originate from the subject (not the best place when speaking with those who describe the SQL table as, simply, "correct"). :-)


"Laconic2" <> wrote in message [snipped]
> There is one thing that comes through clear as a bell, in the descriptions
> you have given previously. And it isn't in the above list. It's the fact
> that the Pick people in your favorable experiences started with a
> understanding of the subject matter, and of the real needs of the people
> that would end up being users.
> They then learned enough IT to implement what their understanding told
> was the "right thing".
> By contrast, most "IT professionals" spend years learning implementation,
> few months learning modeling and design, and a few weeks learning the
> subject matter. As a consequence, their analysis is terribly superficial,
> their design is somewhat stronger, and their implementation is truly
> impressive. But that's like the foolish man who built his house on a
> foundation of sand, in the parable. It doesn't matter how well built the
> house is, if the foundation is weak.
> The foundation of a successful application is the subject matter.
> I can't prove it to you, (of course!), but I deeply believe that, at
> end of the day, that's the conclusion you'll come to.
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