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Date: 2 Oct 2004 14:49:43 -0700
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> about 5 or 6 years ago, when XML was just starting to swallow the
> world's mindshare, Phil (a colleague) noted that he had built
> programs "with tagged text files" back in the (late, i gather) '60s.
> he was a DEC guy, so it may have been something they dreamed up.
> but i remember doing the same sort of thing with stat packages in
> the '70s. Phil was not impressed.

search engines turn up that "g", "m", and "l" invented gml in 1969 at the science center

goldfarb's sgml page
history page
'60s history leading up to gml

gml tag processing was added to the document processor that had been done in the 60s for CMS. CP/67 done in the 60s for the 360/67 morphed into vm/370 for 370s ... and CP/67's CMS stayed CMS for vm/370 (although it changed from the Cambridge Monitor System to the Conversational Monitor System). During this period there was some claim that IBM was the 2nd largest publisher in the US.

There was also a cloned cms document processor done by univ. of waterloo that handled (s)gml that is mentioned in this history of html:

discussion of waterloo's "script"

the original rdbms: system/r was done on vm/370 in the mid-70s

as an aside, there was something of a convention at the science center involving self-describing data.

the original cp/67 kernel was fairly heavily instrumened and the information gathered and archived ... just about from the start when it first went operational in the mid-60s. the archived data had self-descirbing formats. this was constantly being referenced over span of 10-15 years and contributed to work at science center in workload profiling, performance modeling, and effectively the ground work for evolving performance work into capacity planning.

it was also used for helping in helping calibrate and tune the resource manager that i put out in the mid-70s. recent reference to some of the resource manager work:

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