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Re: One Ring to Bind Them

From: Marshall Spight <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 21:56:03 GMT
Message-ID: <TnHDc.162912$3x.117954@attbi_s54>

"Bill H" <> wrote in message news:YBGDc.101730$2i5.86313_at_attbi_s52...
> If we look at this through a statistical perspective we'll note that the
> "Theory of Relativity" comes about once in every (pick your high number).
> Such rigidity of focus isn't, therefore, required for most of our business
> tasks and can have a deleterious effect on potential solutions.

What makes you think I'm rigidly focused? In fact, I work on business tasks for most of the week; I occasionally dabble in theory on the weekends. All work and no play makes Jack etc. Most of my work is done with Java, SQL, and HTML; I think that qualifies me pretty well as someone who can make compromises for practical business realities.

I would also assert that "required for most of our business tasks" is not the defining characteristic of this group; otherwise it would be called comp.databases.businesstasks. Since it's comp.databases.theory, I think focus (whether rigid or not) on the next "theory of relativity" is quite on-topic.

Neither is "required for ... business tasks" a filter through which to live one's life. Getting stuff done is good, but so is looking up at the stars. You can't have a balanced life without both, and more still.

> It is a great attribute of human nature that so many people can come up with
> so many unique ways of solving, what else, so many business problems.

Again, business problems are only a portion of the scope of data management.

> I would suggest these unique ways be embraced instead of laughed at because
> they don't meet a narrow solution model. :-)

I didn't hear any laughing. Nor do I subscribe to a narrow solution model.

Marshall Received on Sun Jun 27 2004 - 16:56:03 CDT

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