Re: In an RDBMS, what does "Data" mean?

From: Gene Wirchenko <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 09:04:38 -0700
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"Bill H" <> wrote:


     Well, I may be having the chance to work with some of this first-hand. I have a job interview today, and the job description included mention of a hierarchical DBMS. It will be an interesting contrast.

>> >and database, and its tools. The database nomenclature is not unique and
>> >words mean what they've always meant (i.e. noone refers to a "row" or a
>> >"column" when referencing a customer or a list of their outstanding
>> >invoices).
>> No one? You are sure that it is impossible? "This column is..."
>> or "This row has the subtotals for...".
>Well, noone within the management and administration group of the business.

     Come now. "row" and "column" are ordinary English words. Try showing a child how to add multi-digit numbers without using the word "column". It is possible, but I submit that it is much easier to use "column". 1s and 10s columns and all that.


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