Re: Entity vs. Table

From: ben brugman <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 17:57:20 +0200
Message-ID: <40cdcac8$0$4925$>

> I've been nice up till now, but I'm sorry- you clearly do not know what
> are talking about. 3NF has nothing to do with RAID, error checking bits,
> anything else that is not data. Indexes are not redundant information.
> are references. Indexes are analagous to looking in the index of a book.
> look there to get a specific place to look in the book. If indexes were
> redundant, they would serve no purpose. Indexes are part of the physical
> implelmetation, and have zero to do with the logical model, which is where
> you establish 3NF.

I've been nice up till now and shall stay nice. 3NF has nothing to do with RAID, error checking bits or ..... (Yes I think so).
All my implementations of databases have redundancy in the implementation (we use raids error checking and indexes in the implementation).
They are still implementations of logical models (which are 3NF). But the implementation is not 3NF.

(The implemented 3NF design (your term) might be)
(The fysical model (as you use it) might be)
(My model of the implementation does have redundancy. I do not know how you
call this model).

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