Re: Nearest Common Ancestor Report (XDb1's $1000 Challenge)

From: Hugo Kornelis <hugo_at_pe_NO_rFact.in_SPAM_fo>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 00:19:35 +0200
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On 6 Jun 2004 11:41:56 -0700, Neo wrote:

>> I changed my model ... now down to 11.0 ms.
>RM Sol#5 is Neo's second iteration to make Hugo's last soution (RM
>Sol#2) more comparable with XDb1's db.
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I'm not interested in your feeble attempts. You have already proven that your knowledge of the relational model and your skill at SQL coding are both about as high as your honesty and trustworthyness, i.e. they are completely lacking.

> Please advise of errors or improvements to script.

I will - but only after you have paid your debt. And I'll require you to pay a contract and pay me my regular consultancy fee.

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Best, Hugo


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