Re: In an RDBMS, what does "Data" mean?

From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 20:44:55 +0200
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Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:

> It think it is worth noting that is far more difficult to retrieve an
> invoice the way it looked originally after chopping it up

You chopped it up. Why?

While chopping it up, you got rid of the layout. What you will retrieve is the data, not the layout. Now if you also have some markup for the abstract invoice, you can just fit the invoice-data you retrieved into the invoice-markup.

I would think you would know all this, if it was not so that over and over you blame

> (that 1NF thing again)

for these non-problems.

> and then using SQL to show the invoice again.

SQL reports are ugly - I'ld would not want to show one to a customer.
Use a tool that was designed to present data.

> It is possible,
> however, so perhaps Wol has looked at some more difficult specimens.
> Loosely stated - SQL can only place on a single line entities that are
> related to each other on that one line. Stick with me here, I know I said
> that poorly.
> Example:
> Qty....Item..........................Catalogs.............................Co
> lor.............Price
> 1 Beautiful Skirt Summer Collection. White
> $120.00
> 2004 Wardrobe Catalog. Blue
> Without arguing the semantics (and mapping of the data to reality) of this
> particular example, if your invoice looked like this when selling a
> beautiful skirt in white and blue that comes from two of your catalogs, it
> is definitely HARDER than a non-1NF environment, though not impossible, to
> get a SQL statement to show your invoice properly.

Some products have presentation and query integrated. Some of those use (generated, hidden) SQL for the query part. Don't use just SQL and expect anything that looks like a proper invoice.

It is like you expect to be able to prepare a meal by just unpacking the ingredients - you are going to need some kitchen tools.

>>Sure. I also want to fly, eat infinite amounts of ice cream without
>>gaining weight, and drive at very fast
>> speeds with no possibility of injury.

> As long as we are all aiming for the same things ... smiles. --dawn

Sorry if I did not address your problem, but please try distinguishing the retrieval and presentation part if you restate it because I did get it all wrong.

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