Re: The RM, Newtonian mechanics, algrebra and incompleteness

From: Alfredo Novoa <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 14:08:19 GMT
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On Wed, 02 Jun 2004 12:23:44 GMT, "mountain man" <> wrote:

>Godel showed that there exists "unprovable truths" in all
>mathematical systems, which are valid and true, but which
>are not capable of being referenced by the foundational
>axioms. More recently Chaitin showed that there exists
>"random truths", which are valid and tue, but which require
>no reference to any axioms. (purple)

This means that there are theorems you can not prove deriving from the axioms.

>How does this apply to relational database theory and the
>Relational Model, and tables and row values?

It means that perhaps you can find unprovable relational theorems. Nothing less and nothing more.

>I believe that an example of this is:
>The intelligence (ie: data) that is encoded in (application level)
>SQL code captured in RDBMS stored procedures exists right
>alongside the data, and the constraints, etc. While the RM and
>theory address the data and constraints, etc, the intelligence
>(which is data) of the application level processes cannot be
>formally addressed by it, even though it consists of valid SQL
>statements expressing manipulations of perfectly valid data
>objects known to the model and theory.

No you don't understand anything. It does not have any relationship with what Godel said.

BTW have you readen The Third Manifesto?

It has many pages devoted to the integration of The Relational Model with procedural programming (stored procedures). Just what you want to address.

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