Re: database systems and organizational intelligence

From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 15:27:27 +0200
Message-ID: <40bb32b7$0$15375$>

Laconic2 wrote:

> mAsterdam wrote:

>>>Storing and retrieving are lose words because nothing is stored nor
>>>retrieved. Data can't be stored because it is not a physical object.
>>Yep. I suspect this is a distinction easier to see for non-native
>>english speakers, maybe because english nounifies verbs and verbifies
>>nouns way to easily.

> It has nothing to do with English versus Spanish. Trust me.


> It has to do with whether you think that only
> physical objects exist.
> Data exists. There is a physical representation of that
> data on a CD, for example. That physical representation
> is just as real as the ink on paper is real, or the
> carvings on the rosetta stone are real.


The physical representation, real,
only contains signs and media, not meaning. Data IMO encompasses meaning.
So, in order to retrieve data from the rosetta stone, we need to interpret the carvings (being shapes on media a.k.a. signs).

I don't see how somebody who takes the position that only physical objects exist would be able to make similar distinctions. Received on Mon May 31 2004 - 15:27:27 CEST

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