Re: Ah, but who has better parties?

From: Gene Wirchenko <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 12:49:36 -0700
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Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corsetti Dutra <> wrote:

>Em Tue, 18 May 2004 21:14:40 -0700, Gene Wirchenko escreveu:
>> Hairsplitting since "xBASE" can refer to the language and an
>> implementation thereof.
> This is c.d.t, not c.d.implementations. I myself have been
>guilty of OT posts, but it makes little sense of talking about
>xBase-capable products if we're discussing their SQL capabilities.

     You brought it up with "Where I'm working we're finishing a retail and warehousing project for a supermarket chain replacing their old xBase system, because that system can't be data mined except by programming."

     And but of course it makes sense. SQL is a feature of many modern xBASE products. Your complaint is that the xBASE system can not be data mined. I am suggesting that a capability may have been overlooked.

>Then it becomes an issue of SQL, and SQL simply wasn't in discussion.

     So it gets brought into the discussion.

> Case closed.

     That sounds suspiciously like you are declaring you won an argument. It does not work that way.


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