Re: In an RDBMS, what does "Data" mean?

From: mountain man <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 08:41:45 GMT
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"Alfredo Novoa" <> wrote in message
> On Mon, 17 May 2004 13:56:57 GMT, "mountain man"
> <> wrote:
> >Machines using the basic "un-blessed" principles of the RM
> >have only been around for 25 years. These are good enough
> >for me, because they (especially the more recent ones) do
> >actually incorporate *much* of the basics of the RM.
> A truly RDBMS would be a lot better.

Well where is it?

> Most of the everyday problems of
> the database programmers are due to the flaws of the current DBMSs.

Not if you program in SQL from within the RDBMS.

> >> >, there has been an effective "migration" of
> >> >intelligence (code) from E3 to E2.
> >>
> >> But not enough,
> >
> >Then you do agree that there exists (object) "data"
> >within the SQL DBMS's that is unable to be referenced
> >by the relational model of "data"?
> No, I mean that most people does not know how to take advantage on the
> few that SQL DBMS's offer.

Well, that may certainly be true, but does not relate to the applicability, or in this instance, the ineffectiveness of the current RM to address this (object) data.

> > and in the last years we are seeing a regression. A
> >> migration of business logic from SQL DBMS's to the crappy "Application
> >> Servers".
> >
> >What do you think are the major elements behind this
> >migration to these (I actually agree with your here) crappy
> >"Apps boxes"? I used to suspect they were "caused by bad
> >apps".
> The key elements are ignorance and the flaws of SQL DBMS's

Either way, application servers are (usually) a step backwards. My focus is building suites of application system components as SQL stored procedures within the (R)DBMS to the extent that there exists zero components external to the (R)DBMS.

The modern (R)DBMS environment is capable of "internalising" the entire applications environment.

Pete Brown
Falls Creek
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