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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 18:06:09 +0100
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>> I've "done" both and I'm thankful that with "XML data model" languages (no
>> need to correct me on that) on the horizon, there will be no need to take
>> the non-1NF data and translate it to 1NF for any purposes. I have a few
>> issues with various web services standards (so don't get me started) but I
>> sure appreciate that we don't have to 1NF the data anywhere in the
>> rocess. --dawn
>It seems a huge price to pay for avoiding 1NF... don't throw the baby out
>with the bathwater.
1NF is a huge price to pay for having normalised data ... if you've got any sense you'll throw the cuckoo out the nest :-)


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