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From: Anthony W. Youngman <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 22:34:52 +0100
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In message <KkAic.33330$>, Dan <> writes
>Unfortunately, PICK supporters argue for arguments sake here in this group.
>Most support is in the form of "I heard a story that.." or "I believe that
>so and so", or "I have this opinion, so it must be true", or "I'm a
>scientist, so I'll bring up topics that have no relevance to data management
>or database theory." If you believe you have a case, then either develop
>and publish a case study, or offer to compete a PICK product against the TCP
>benchmarks, which are very well known, and though not perfectly objective,
>serve the best place for you to prove your case in terms of competitiveness
>against current relational implementations.

If I'm correct, one of the biggest complaints of the non-relational world about TCP is that it *assumes* that the underlying database is relational.

How can we fairly compare different database models, if the benchmark assumes one of those models? If we make Pick pretend to be a relational database, then any benchmarketing comparison must, by its very nature, be flawed.

I think Pickies would like an unbiased study, but the last time I mentioned a study, the reaction was not exactly favourable...


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