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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 13:02:56 +0100
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In message <2Zhgc.5856$>, Dan <> writes
>You do make good points, but evolving business requirements and the
>adaptability/flexibility of the system seem to pose as great in not greater
>influences to TCO. A good example of why PICK might actually have orders of
>magnitude higher TCO in cases where applications share data or need to
>integrate can be found right in the comp.databases.pick newsgoup under the
>subject line, "Why meaningful Item ID's suck."
>Pick is so bound by its physical organization, that changes to logical
>identifiers across a set of conceptually related items leaves it open to no
>other choice but to entirely redesign an entire system. In the case of the
>thread mentioned, the work was estimated to take nearly two years. Note
>that Dawn, in her concern for TCO, recommends to the OP, "Best wishes and
>make 'em pay". I'd recommend reading the whole thread to anyone who is

But, as is pointed out, this whole thing comes down to poor design.

>This makes as good ancedoctal evidence anything else.

And, as is pointed out, this SAME MISTAKE is extremely common in SAP - which is a relational system.

Poor design ALWAYS bites you. Pick is no better or worse than relational.


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