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Re: Relational vs. PICK/Object DBMS

From: Dale Benedict <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 23:46:09 GMT
Message-ID: <5PYhc.287$2q2.208@edtnps84>

The problem always needs to be taken from and back to real world solutions using as simple language as possible.

How many business exec's and people looking for a solution to their business problems are ever going to specify a problem using mathematical set theory notations?

If you ever do any consulting, I dare you go come back after the informational interview with the solution expressed in set theory. I bet that you would see the contract handed to someone else who came back with a solution in plain language format.

Real genius is being able to express complex ideas in a way that most people understand.

Sticking with the complex notations and ideas without being able to convince the business person, who needs a software solution created, that your ideas are sound and achievable, could get you a position at the front of the line at the local burger joint asking the patrons, "Would you like fries with that?"



"Timothy J. Bruce" <> wrote in message news:mxLhc.1321$
> Ross:
> > For the sake of someone like me that lacks the rigour to readily read
> > your relational set notation, could you possibly restate the problem
> > at hand in English, which tends to be the language of choice of my
> > users (and me!)
> Relational Mathematics requires a degree of precision that is lacking in
> English, hence the `Mathematics' in `Relational Mathematics'. English
> will not suffice.
> > Can you map this to a real world requirement, or is this an obtuse
> > theoretical device that has little relevance to the everyday world of
> > the programmer that you are trying to measure the productivity of, as
> > your relationships would surely be part of the DBMS in the first
> > instance (though become relevant in some environments when trying to
> > optimise an arbitrary query against Rik(A,Aik)
> Are you aware you are currently treading in comp.databases.THEORY?
> There are, by the way, Real-World RDBMS's such as Alphora's Dataphor
> (
> Wollowing in lollygaggery,
> Timothy J. Bruce
> </RANT>
Received on Thu Apr 22 2004 - 18:46:09 CDT

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