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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 02:07:25 GMT
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I actually have the data, as I was involved in compiling it. I can tell you lots of stories, but this one has ample documentation. :-)


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> This is the type of exceedingly common anecdotal story that make me
> to investigate this area. In this case at least the company did not go
> bankrupt. There are several stories about companies who "simply" tried to
> move from their non-1NF "data storage system" (for the purists) to Oracle
> and ended up having to go out of business after watching all their dollars
> get sucked into the giant RDBMS hole.
> There might be similar stories that favor every model, so I don't consider
> this evidence of anything other than that I ought to "stay on the case"
> until I at least have a solid hypothesis for why so many people, me
> included, have the impression that the relational model has not seemed to
> software development and maintenance efforts better (better quality, less
> expensive), on the whole.
> Unfortuately, anything I come up with to capture more than anecdotes would
> be expensive to research and the research would be just as discounted as
> someone set out to prove that one political party or the other made the
> country better while in the White House -- just too much subjectivity in
> approach to collecting such data. --dawn
> > I have, like Laconic2, been involved with some pretty serious problem
> > resolutions in the Financial/IT part of business. I would state the
> > Pick/non-1NF application/data model is "as simple as it needs to be...";
> > which is a principal maxim for business/IT problem resolution.
> >
> > Bill
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