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From: Nick <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 12:26:12 GMT
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Excuse please, was looking for the column elements of the three dimensional array with associated multiple instances of a column defined as in CREATE TABLE contract

 ContractNo                      VARCHAR(16) NULL,
 ContractYear                    VARCHAR(16) NULL,
 ContractVersion                 VARCHAR(3) NULL,
 Co                              VARCHAR(16) NULL,
 MasterKey                       VARCHAR(24) NULL,
 Brkr                            VARCHAR(16) NULL,
 BrkrDesc                        VARCHAR(120) NULL,
 Cedant                          VARCHAR(16) NULL,
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ContractId ON contract ( Co, ContractNo, ContractYear, ContractVersion )

"Christopher Browne" <> wrote in message news:c5r6e2$4idvl$
> Centuries ago, Nostradamus foresaw when mAsterdam <>
would write:
> > Who cares wether arguments come from a religious/dogmatic perspective,
> > a marketing perspective or ignorance, as long as they are on-topic and
> > put forward in a respectful way. Please don't top-post.
> >
> Personally, I'm in the "against stupidity" camp.
> I think it's pretty stupid when one person presents a schema, such as
> create table 3d_foo (x integer, y integer, z integer);
> And then someone else asks "So, what's the schema?"
> The schema was, of course,
> create table 3d_foo (x integer, y integer, z integer);
> Someone that isn't sharp enough to notice that is more than likely not
> sharp enough that they should be visiting comp.databases.theory, and
> claiming much of anything about any would-be difference between Oracle
> and Pick.
> Like, "duh, the schema was create table 3d_foo (x integer, y integer,
> z integer);"
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