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From: Anthony W. Youngman <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:17:04 +0100
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In message <>, Laconic2 <> writes
>> Stagnation, inadequate communication among all players, high risk of
>> any change, severe procedures for making changes, application performance
>> including performance issues related to the database, ease of reporting
>> against the database including ease for users to have and maintain a data
>> catalog (so they can "shop" for the data they need); mitigation of
>> client/server & version skew issues, and a bunch more -- these might not
>> the most important -- I'll think more about it.
>I've repeatedly sped up SQL queries by factors of ten. And most of the
>time, I've taken a close look at the logic behind the query, before diving
>into optimizing it. I think a lot of bad queries have been written by
>people who just don't understand the data.

Relevant to the TCO question - because of the way Pick stores its data, it's actually damn hard - in a system that was properly designed in the first place - to speed up a Pick query.

And it's also relatively easy to prove that there is very little room for improvement.


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