Re: How is this collection called?

From: Timothy J. Bruce <>
Date: 10 Apr 2004 16:30:35 -0700
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Laconic2 was almost completely unlike tea when writing message: <>...
> Whew, I'm sorry I brought the subject up!
Why? Brown is new to me. Thank you for raising the subject!

> What are the verifiable true/false facts in Euclid's work?!
<cop-out> I don't care </cop-out>

> If Brown is a complete charlatan,
This is why I am going to research Brown; it would be foolish to wholely assume one way or the other.

> and has developed a cult following,
Don't use the `c-word' or I'll cross-post to alt.religion.kibology, young man.

> that's even more reason to expect a major school of thought in IT to be
> based on his work!
Indeed! Were it not for an at-first cult-following of Codd we would not have this A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks we like to bicker about. Any cult-following is coincidental to its truth.

> <ducking>

That should be `<ducking />'.

If I am reading too much into this then please do not take offense, but I must admit I somehow sense some agitation. It's most likely my fault since I am often (quite accidentally!) obtuse in conversation. Please have some patience with me, and I am quite certain no one was attacking your character in any of this; there was merely the correctly skeptical reaction necessary for the advancement of science.  I suspect *I* am the one over-reacting, so please cut me some slack.

Try taking some Zoloft,
Timothy J. Bruce
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